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Reduce 29% No-show With Reservation Booking Services

A blog banner by Reservations Call Center titled Reduce 29% No-show With Reservation Booking Services

Leverage Reservation Booking Services to Reduce 29% No-Show


Restaurateurs ought to run with the tides. While delectable dishes are the main selling point of any restaurants, reservation booking services is another factor that customers often look at. This way, each visit whether from a website or your social media pages turns faster into revenue. 

Smart comparison among tons of available restaurants to dine in is the usual step of any customers. For any restaurant owner to leverage this service and software can work wonders for your food establishment


How Outsource Restaurant Reservation Book Services Helps Your Business

There are various reasons why online restaurant reservations is a system that is here to stay. The pandemic contributed greatly to its boom where restaurants ought to practice social distancing. While making sure tables are filled up to its allowed capacities. 

Good numbers to note are the following and how outsourcing provider enhances:

Percentage Implications How Outsourcing Helps
76% Clients use mobile devices to book appointments Your third party reservation booking services provider can help you set up your website with faster load up speed perfect for mobile devices.
They can also assign agents to act as real time support, be it live chat or via phone calls. 
This is to ensure each customer is guided all throughout the reservations journey. 
29% Automated reminders dramatically reduce no-show Your outsourcing partner with their excellent agents assigned for your business can send reminder calls.
As well as messages or emails to remind your guests about their upcoming reservations. 
This is to ensure each table is filled up as booked online. 
40% Online booking are done after hours With round-the-clock agents ready to take any reservations anytime, your restaurant never loses out any potential diners. No matter what time they may decide to book a table. 

How Customers Find Online Reservation Services

The Internet is the go-to for any information. Booking a table is no stranger from this method. In fact, customers prefer to use the following when looking up for places to dine in.

  • 37% social media is becoming popular means of finding online booking pages
  • 31% web referrals
  • 28% direct search
  • 3.5% organic search
  • 0.5% paid search

Looking at these numbers, you can really tell that in order to garner more customers, you ought to leverage the internet. 

Your outsourced reservation booking services provider can help you further leverage this to your advantage. Depending on your chosen service package, you can get agents to handle your social media pages. This is to ensure any enquiries get answers on time. 

While for your website traffic, you can get agents to handle your website live chat 24/7/365 days. When you get everything covered, no diners will lose out interest with the poor online reservation system. 

What to look for Reservation Booking Services Software

There are tons of available software available to buy in order to set up your online restaurant reservations. The challenge however, mostly for small restaurant owners, is the extra effort to operate this. These are the following:

1. Extra staff to hire to operate the software

2. Tedious recruitment process and training 

3. Extra office space for the software operator

4. IT and infrastructure to ensure the safety of data and information the software will gather

5. Salary and benefits of extra staff that will handle online reservation

While software for restaurant reservation book are mostly user-friendly, it still needs someone familiar with it to maximize its full potential. 

An outsourcing provider can give you a service package with agents that are trained and can navigate such software with ease and excellence. 

Main Features to Look For Online Restaurant Reservations Software

When you are looking for a partner for your reservation booking services, you can zoom in on the software they are using. 


The first hurdle in a diner’s reservation journey is the online booking software itself. As a restaurant owner, of course you want something that is easy to navigate with. This way, no customer gets turned off by a booking system that takes forever to load or with incomprehensible interface. 

Clear navigation with clear steps with live agents on stand-by to assist is what an outsourcing online reservation provider can give you. 

While for your in-house staff, easy to navigate with provides them concise information they ought to know about each reservation. This way, they can provide the best services up to the dessert. 

Calendar Incorporation

With health protocols in place plus the dreaded double booking, reservation system can put you at ease. Your third party provider can set up a real time calendar where your customers can choose when to book.  

Reduction in double booking is also possible as your in-house staff and yourself gets to look at an updated calendar. This way, you can plan out which night or day you’ll need extra help for your servers.

Payment Facilities

If your restaurant accepts payment in advance, you have to make sure it has a smooth payment system. Most often, booking a table requires credit cards or other payment methods. 

Your outsourced partner can set this up for you. While making sure an airtight security protocol is in place in order to protect each information your customer will input. You would never want to jeopardize their financial information with lousy security. 

Certifications to look for are ISO 27001 for ISMS, GDPR compliance, and PCI DSS for your third party provider. This way, you are assured you are dealing with a legitimate partner that can secure your information and your customer’s.

Real-time Booking

Customers expect that their reservation gets confirmation as soon as they are done. You have to make sure that they get confirmation as soon as possible. Your outsourced partner can automate or send email, call, or messages to confirm such reservation requests. 

Third-party Integration

Online reservation software is not only for the sole purpose of filling up your tables. It also helps your marketing and sales staff to identify which are the distinct qualities of your patrons. 

Your outsourced provider can provide you with such software that can give you accurate and timely information. Something that you can use to create better business decisions. 

Benefits of an Outsourced Reservation Booking Services

Outsourcing your online restaurant reservations can provide you the following benefits.

1. Flexible Pricing

There is no one-size-fits-all for any business. The same is also applicable for restaurants. Your third party provider can provide you with affordable pricing rates. This is where you only have to pay for your chosen service package. 

A viable solution that will ease up your challenges in managing your restaurant. As a BPO company that caters especially to SMEs, Reservations Call Center can provide you with flexible rates. In turn, save cost considerably. Something that you can invest to upgrade your services. 

2. Information Security

A legitimate reservation booking services BPO understands and works within ISO 27001 protocols. This way, you can assure your customers that any information they provide you remains safe and protected at all times. 

Confidentiality is something you can expect from a legitimate BPO company.

3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

BPO companies have infrastructure meant to provide you excellent services. Not to mention, staff that works well within that established system and discipline. With an outsourcing provider, you can get the latest tools and software to work for your advantage.

4. Faster Turnaround Time

Your BPO company can help your business stay online with no downtime, 24/7/365 days. No quality decline to ensure customer and reservation management is always at high quality.

5. Scalable Services

BPO companies can offer you flexible and scalable services. This way, you can add or reduce the services that you need at a given season. Which in turn ensures your outsourcing partner is always in position to help your in-house staff. 

These offshore staff has the skill, software proficiency, experience, bandwidth and talent you require to ensure quality service delivery for you.

Reservations Call Center Provides Reservation Booking Services

And we focus our excellent services for SMEs and small restaurant owners! We understand the challenges to cater with customers while ensuring your business runs well. 

Here at Reservations Call Center, we possess the best outsourced staff to handle your customer service needs. Agents who are proficient in using tools and software to ensure your online reservation works perfectly fine. 

Data and information security is our top priority as well. As we are ISO 27001-certified, GDPR, and PCI DSS compliant. We ensure our services are bundled with only the safest security protocol there is. 

Worry no more as we are here to help you get the best reservation booking services. Contact us today and let our business developers customize the best service package for your restaurant!