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We are one of the best B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation and Top B2C Lead Generation Companies that caters to SMEs. Our lead telemarketing services only use the best sales lead qualification service in order to deliver high quality results for your business.

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Why You Need Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

The growth and sustenance of your business start when you have a healthy sales funnel full of leads. Such is possible through our lead generation and appointment setting services as we can do sales lead qualification for you.

Qualifying leads in sales help your in-house sales people to concentrate their focus and resources in closing deals with the best prospects.

Also we use the best software available in the market to ensure our lead qualification process only delivers high quality and accurate leads for you.

The results of our qualification service provides you with valuable insights to maximize your appointment setting services. As you can focus on market niche and identify businesses who should you be connecting with.

Our lead generation and appointment setting services package is bundled with excellent staff, latest tools and infrastructure. All this at competive pricing rates for your business.

Get the best lead generation and appointment setting services from Reservations Call Center perfect for SMEs today.

Our approach to Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

When it comes to this service, we have the best integration of human intellect and the latest tools to work for your business

We can definitely streamline processes that encompasses this service for your advantage. As our service can provide you with staff trained with the hybrid processes of lead generation and appointment setting services.

We understand your need to max out every penny for your outsourced services and so we offer flexible pricing rates for this service package. We also promise to deliver the following value propositions:

  • we hire knowledgeable talents to deliver your desired services
  • we develop our services through the proper integration of trained staff that are highly skilled in using the latest CRM tools
  • we have business strategists to help you create your KPIs and benchmarks and our QA team maintains its quality

Expect a significant difference in your overall business performance as you close sales through our excellent lead generation and appointment setting services.

High Value Contacts and Accounts

Our service enables your business to leverage company profiles and offers insights so you can tailor your lead generation messaging. Go after your ideal customers with ease

Qualified Leads and Sales Appointments

Our staff focus in looking for your potential customers, lead qualification process, and setting appointments for you

Smart Touchpoints Setup

We have the goal to amplify the reach of your products and services to many customers. We can make this possible through our process of smart timing and visibility across multiple channels

Sales Optimization

Acquire the necessary support and help your sales force to close successful deals, all the time. Engage your leads, manage sales appointments, and convert potentials into business opportunities.

Identify. Expand. Engage. Convert. Make sure your business is aligned within this confinement to drive growth and ROI

We combine the best talents and latest technology for a more seamless acquisition of your customers to fill up your sales pipeline and increase revenue

Our Current Benchmarks For B2B Appointment Setting Solutions

Access to Qualified Staff

We ensure our recruitment process only get the best talents in order to fulfill your requirements. We train them through industry standards methodologies for re-skilling and up-skilling. We do this to ensure we always meet the quality you want when it comes to human resources.

Incorporation of Software and Tools

Our decade in the service gives us wisdom to use the latest innovation there is to streamline our processes. This is our pledge to ensure we only provide quality and efficient services for your business

Periodic Quality Assurance Review

We never let the quality of our deliverables to diminish over time. We assure you that we are always on top of things as we assess our results periodically. This is to determine if we are still working within quality services as we promised you in the beginning.

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What is Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

This involves supplying your business with the right human resources, qualified data, strategies and infrastructure to further improve your lead generation efforts and overall marketing to perfection. Our services could help your business build a stable and solid lead generation processes and appointment setting techniques to attract the best buyers.

Our processes involve warming your prospects through effective communication and creation of a faster and efficient sales route. We do this in order to let you capture the interest and convert your future customers into loyal customers and brand partners.

How does Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services Works?

Our services involves four key processes to ensure we only provide the best results for your business.

  1. Identify
    we compile the list of companies and potential customers that matches your target customers profile
  2. Expand
    we further zoom in on key stakeholders and prospects within target businesses
  3. Rapport Building
    we utilize multiple channels to engage and converse effectively with these pre-determined target customers
  4. Convert
    set and confirm appointments with the right people and stakeholders

Is outsourcing Lead Generation and Appointment Services Smart for SMEs

Short answer is yes. This service in particular helps you to drive potential customers into your business. Also this provides you market insights so you can focus in honing your marketing messaging and lead generation efforts. At the same time, you can nurture your customers and earn their trust, turning them into loyal brand partners.

Optimize how you capture prospective buyers courtesy of our lead generation and appointment setting services

Failure to determine who should you be targeting with? Inaccurate marketing messaging with your markets? Wasted resources on incompatible appointments? We can eliminate such problems for you. We are here to draw up smart solutions for your business. Too complex, it doesn't matter! We are glad to be of help.

1. Tell us your pain points you want us to solve

Effective and open communication is one of our assets. We do this to fully understand what your problems are. As we have the innate desire to solve them for you.

2. Tell us the ideal B2B appointment setters you have in mind

We can provide you with talents who are knowledgeable in CRM and lead generation tools to fulfill your requirements

3. Expand with us

We want to be your long term partner as we deliver your required services. Let's grow further beyond our SLAs.


For over 10 years, we have built Reservations Call Center and Appointment Setting Services to be the right answer for B2B appointment setting, deliver excellent staff as the best insurance appointment setters and roster of elite telemarketing services agents for lead generation and appointment setting services for small and medium businesses globally.

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Good things come to those who think ahead. Drop us a message and let us help to make your business ahead of the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Needs Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

    Any business across industries can utilize these services for their advantage. As it is never wise to cast a wide net on general market as it could lead to wasted time and resources. This service helps your business to pre-determine what market best corresponds with your products or services. This way you get a better and valuable insight on how to target and approach your market and customers.

    Why is Qualifying Leads in Sales Important for SMEs

    SMEs are in the perfect position to utilize this service as you are yet to build the customer profile you should be targeting with. This process help you to further zoom in on the market you should catering with your products and services. This can help you improve how you create your marketing plans and messaging in the long run

    When is the best time to outsource lead generation and appointment setting services

    Outsourcing may sound intimidating at first and this is understandable. But in order to work this strategy for your advantage, you should partner with a legitimate service provider that speciliazes in this particular service.

    Here at RCC, we take pride in our decade of excellence in the outsourcing industry. We specialize and dedicate our resources to be an effective provider for SMEs. As we want to improve our clients business delivery. Also to provide the necessary support to help the optimization of their overall business processes.

    Who are the talents that work for lead generation and appointment setting services

    Talents we employ for this service has college education level, industry experience in lead generation and appointment setting services, and knowledgeable in business marketing.

    We train our staff to enhance their customer service skill and to become effective communicators. Also, they are knowldgeable in operating the latest software and tools that we use to streamline our service offerings.

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