Reservation Booking Services for Various Industries Across the Globe

Set your business with efficient reservation booking services as you deal with customer booking and reservation request in highly proficient manner. Make sure any requests and inquiries are properly addressed by live agents, any time of the day.

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Poor business match up halts your business growth.
It is time to focus your resources on the right clients with B2B Appointment Setting.

We take reasonable time to fully understand your business and your industry to develop reservation booking services that will suit your client needs. We make sure our dedicated live agents can extend your business' necessary information to your clients to sustain their interests. Our latest CRM tools and software enables us to provide you with seamless processes that your clients will appreciate.

Let your customers know you provide a smooth reservation process, even before they get to experience your services they want. How? Through your very own efficient reservations call center. A combination of knowledgeable live agents and use of CRM tools to make sure everything is in place.

Over a decade in the business helps us equip our live agents with proper trainings and skills to ensure they deliver only the best to your customers. Also our ISO-certified and HIPAA-compliant processes and infrastructure assures you are dealing with a legitimate provider. Your client's data and business information are safe and sound bundled with our efficient booking processes. Now you can focus on what you do best, provide your clients with only the best services they can ask for.

Partner with the #1 Reservations Call Center Provider Established for Startups and SMEs in the Philippines for your successful reservations and bookings requirements today!

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There is no one size fits all when it comes to dealing with customer inquiries and reservation requests. But when you outsource reservation booking services with us, you are assured we develop custom-fit reservations call center suited for your clients and market niche. Aside from that, we offer flexible pricing rates to make sure we can accommodate your requirements within your allotted budget.

Healthcare Reservation Booking Services

Never bother your medical staff and healthcare officers in dealing with patient scheduling. Hire live agents with medical background and experience that can process such tedious task with ease. Our CRM and scheduling tools perfect for healthcare facilities retain only updated patient information. All the while accessible for your healthcare staff.

Recreation Reservation Booking Services

Let your recreation services live up to its name as you let clients avail your services with breeze. Make sure you embody the true essence of your business with our reservations call center especially made for recreation establishment like yours.

Food & Beverage Reservation Booking Services

Post-pandemic market may be hard to deal with but let us help you navigate it with ease as you cater to your customer's hunger, be it off-premise or on-premise. Our reservations call center for the F&B business like yours ensure you can accommodate your customers at allowed capacity. Satiate your customer's hunger with sumptuous meal and excellent dining experience only you can provide. Let us handle their reservation queries, quick and efficiency guaranteed!

Hospitality Reservation Booking Services

Ensure every customer touchpoints are covered with excellent front desk officer who can accommodate any inquiries and booking requests. We use central reservation system to ensure we can cover anything for you. Be it from your website forms, phone calls, or even social media. No booking inquiries or request would go unnoticed. Let us make sure you only get successful accommodation requests all the time. Plus point? We can process reservation requests 24/7, all year long. No automated responses, only real live agents will handle your reception area.

Travel & Tourism Reservation Booking Services

Provide only the best packages and services to your clients as you are now focused on improving them. As you contract us you reservations call center, you are guaranteed to let your in-house employees focus on service improvement and tourism packages deliverables. Did we mention our services are leaning on affordability? Invest everything you can save to further expand your business and keep at it!

Entertainment Reservation Booking Services

Seamless and fun are the principle we live by and extend to your clients with our reservations booking services. We offer 360-degree solutions for your business to earn your customer loyalty and in turn higher returns for your business. Your clients want to be entertained with your services, booking hassle is never one of them. Remove that risk and let us handle the chaos for you.

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Healthcare Reservation Booking Services

Ensure a smooth flow of in-patients scheduling, match up patients with the proper department and medical officer, and even set up efficient triage protocols once patient reach you through their preferred channels. Capitalize on our HIPAA-compliant processes to ensure your patient's data are safe and protected. No questions asked.

Recreation Reservation Booking Services

Our efficient yet lively call center staff ensure we embody your business' philosophy. We make sure to entice your customers with our conversational scripts meant to further pique their interests. We delve on your client's need for a personalized recreation experience, worry not as we can speak the language that you do.

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Food & Beverage Reservation Booking Services

Turned away customers due to poor reservation management? Minimize and ultimately eliminate such scenario with our excellent booking staff and technology. Who says you can only tickle their palate through food and beverage? You can even do so through efficient booking services. Let them delight on your sumptous servings even more!

Hospitality Reservation Booking Services

Looking for the perfect combination of well-meaning reservations specialists and use of efficient CRS? Here at Reservations Call Center, you can have the best of both worlds! We only use the best central reservation system software to ensure every management points within your establishment are covered. Also our agents has neutral accent and can converse well in English. Caters to travelers from different countries? We can assign mutli-lingual agents for you. Language barrier eliminated!

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Travel & Tourism Reservation Booking Services

We know 90% of global travelers want personalized experience. Why not focus on that and ensure a pleasant and memorable experience for your customers? Asssure them of that even during the booking stage as we keep them informed of your travel packages. We strive for the lowest abandonment rate for tourism industry. As we do so, focus on your excellent services and unique packages travelers can ask for.

Entertainment Reservation Booking Services

We take our time to understand your entertainment services to build rapport to your customers. As we do so, we make sure to encourage them for a successful transaction for your business. Keep them coming and ensure their interests are sustained with your services. Only from us, the best reservations call center you can ask for!


Here at Reservations Call Center, we understand your hunger to stay ahead amidst your competitive industry. All the while you strive to provide only the best services your customer could ask for.

We established our brand to be an excellent support for whatever reservation booking services you may need. We do not live off on lip service alone, as our 10+ years in the service is our proof of excellence that our service thrives on quality and efficiency when we deal with clients.

Our ISO-certified methodologies, efficient onboarding processes, and utilization of the latest CRM practices & CRS tools and software enable us to deliver the best services exclusive for your business. No matter what requirements you have, we promise to customize solutions you can ever ask for.

We provide booking and reservations support services for startups and SMEs belonging to various industries such as healthcare, recreation, food & beverage, hospitality, travel & tourism, and entertainment.

We list the reasons why you should explore our reservation and booking solutions:

Accent Training for our Reservations Specialists

As we cater to global clients, we want to be heard in the most accurate way possible. This is where our booking specialists' neutral accent training comes into play. This meticulous training helps them convey your business information in crystal clear and professional way.

You Can Get Your Own Quality Assurance Team

We stay updated in the latest trends and discipline across industries where our clients delve into. Such is our way to ensure we are on-track when we deliver services you may require. Our QA team assures we do so and we are in line to meet all of your expectations and our SLAs.

Affordable Reservations Call Center Packages

We offer custom-fit booking services at affordable pricing rates to emphasize that quality does not always mean expensive. We understand your need for smart spending on investments for this kind of services and we are here to be your partner for that. Quality assured, smart pricing guaranteed.

Efficient Booking and Reservations Process

Our staying power in the business gave us insight to maximize the use of CRM and CRS software to improve our services. We never use these tools for us alone but we have our clients in mind. As we live by the principle of quality, efficient, and speed when dealing with your customers. You are assured we use these technology for your business' advantage and to drive revenue.

24/7/365 Reservation & Booking Operation

No matter what industry you are in and what kind of services you deliver, customers expect you to be there when they need you. And that's what we do best here. There is no telling when or how your customers will reach you, but you can be available when that happens with our services. Our Reservations Call Center ensures your customers will only reach live agents ready to answer their queries and process their request within minutes.

Utilization of the Best CRM Practices & CRS Software

Our reservations and booking specialists only use the best CRM practices and CSR tools such as Pegasus, SynXis CRS, TravelClick’s iHotelier, Windsurfer, and many more. We ensure our specialists can use such tools to its optimal performance to ensure quality deliverables for your business.

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We provide smart pricing rates

We never compromise our service delivery based on price tag alone. We make sure we can reach a win-win agreement to ensure we both only reap the good benefits of our partnership.

We have the ideal team composition

Aside from our periodic review, we ensure day-to-day performance is also monitored to make sure optimal service delivery is at its best shape. Our dedicated team leaders and QA managers are here to ensure that for you.

We ensure safety and security is in place, all the time

We only follow the gold standards when it comes to information security and quality management systems. As we are ISO 27001:2013-certified, GDPR and HIPAA-compliant. No matter how sensitive an information we ought to process, you are assured of its safety.

We have multilinguals on board

We know growth is synonymous to elimination of barriers. Such could be language barriers that we can help you overcome as you outsource with us. We can provide reservations and booking specialists who are not only fluent in English but can be fluent in whatever language you may prefer.


A reservations call center encompasses services catering to businesses that need reservation booking services. This also acts as the first line of contact for customers when they are interested for a business' services. This is useful for various industries that deals with scheduling customers to deliver their services. Industries that can optimize outsource reservation booking services are business in healthcare, recreation, food & beverage, hospitality, travel & tourism, and entertainment.

Here at Reservations Call Center, we live up to our very name. We create this brand to specifically provide services for startups and SMEs who wants to use this type of service for their advantage. We understand the need to cater to all of your customers at the best time they need you, and we could help. Our solutions can help you scale up your ability to process booking requests in a professional and efficient manner. You can never go wrong with a reservations booking services provider that has your best interests at heart and that's us!

How To Differentiate Outsource Reservation Booking Services versus In-house?

Outsourcing this particular service means you can get the skills of highly trained individuals and the use of latest technology to streamline the process, all at affordable markup. Also you never have to concern yourself with the recruitment, salary grade, and infrastructure set up unlike when you do so in-house. Everything you can save from outsourcing, you can invest on property or service improvement which wil directly contribute on your customer's satisfaction. When they are satisfied, ensures growth on profit and revenue.

What Are The Perks Of Outsource Reservation Booking Services?

When you employ this service for your business, you also give off an impression of efficient availability to your customers. Efficient availability as your customers can reach you at their most convenient time and they are assured they get the information they need in a snap. Also there is no establishment hurt by a hassle-free booking requests of customers. Give off that assurance and improve customer retention in no time.

How To Choose The Right Reservations Call Center Provider?

For starters, you ought to know their industry experience, the business they have served and/or serving at the moment, pricing rates, and information security. All these are good jump-board if you are looking for a partner for this service. The best way is to inquire and ask for particular service you need. Remember, there is no wasted time when you are dealing with a legitimate provider, like us.


Abandonment rate at an all time high? Disappointed customers due to lack of manpower to answer their queries? Service unavailability when your clients need you? Eliminate such problems with our smart solutions for reservation booking services. Enlist our help to provide only the best services for your customers, no matter what business you are in!

1. Let's talk through the goals and positive results you want to achieve within your a specific timeframe

Our partnership stems from an open communication. We want to understand your pain points to make sure we only provide solutions to it, down to the last details.

2. Then, let's draw up on success rates and KPI, or let us help you identify so

We have dedicated business strategists and developers to ensure we are working towards yielding your desired success rate. We are here for your growth and we pledge to keep you at it through our services.

3. Success achieved, let's work further towards endless possibilities

We desire to grow with you as we achieve success through working together. We stay dedicated and truthul with our SLAs no matter how much time comes by. Let's make this partnership a long term engagement. All the while sharing the ultimate goal: success in every endeavors.

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For over 10 years, we have built Reservations Call Center and Appointment Setting Services to be the right answer for B2B appointment setting, deliver excellent staff as the best insurance appointment setters and roster of elite telemarketing services agents for lead generation and appointment setting services for small and medium businesses globally.

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Good things come to those who think ahead. Drop us a message and let us help to make your business ahead of the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Outsource Reservation Booking Services?

    This is a strategy used by smart businesses to ensure they can provide reservation services for their clients 24 hours a day. This is where customers reach a business line to request reservations in order to avail a particular service.

    What is Reservations Call Center?

    This is a specialized function for businesses that mostly provide services rather than products. This practice is where live agents process booking or reservation request from a client for a particular business. This may be considered as inbound call center for a much general term. Often, this service is used by businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. But now during these trying times were scheduling is the new normal, more on more industries are using this service.

    Which is better in-house or offshore?

    This depends on your business model and the volume of calls you receive. Another thing to consider is the overhead expenses of setting this up in-house instead of offshoring this particular service. Offshore enables you to scale up or down depending on the season of call overflows.

    How to setup reservations call center?

    This could be easy depending on your selected service provider. Once you choose to contract this service from us, we can ensure our SLA is properly set with your requirements clearly indicated. You are constantly updated with the onboarding process, implementation and finally the roll out of your campaign.

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