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We provide the best Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters for SMEs. We can provide you with the most qualified, skilled, and experienced virtual assistants who can cater to any of your needs with ease.

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Why You Need the Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters

A virtual assistant can act as your back office and front desk support. Here you can hire an excellent VA with interpersonal and administrative skills to set appointments for you.

Our VA can generate leads for you and follow up on potential customer lists to set appointments with key decisions makers. VAs can do the following for appointment setting such as email follow-up, phone calls, and online portals to explain the benefits of your products or services to promising prospects.

The primary goal of a VA in appointment setting is to convince your prospective customers to set up an appointment with your sales associate, either in person or over the phone.

Duties our VA appointment setters can do for your business:

  1. Cold emailing clients
  2. Arranging and scheduling meetings
  3. Engaging with clients to ensure they get your business information
  4. Cold contacting clients; phone, messaging, social media, etc.
  5. Develop outreach methods
  6. Record looms/writing scripts to engage potential clients

Our VA appointment setters are here to help you manage your appointments and ensure you only set meetings with the most promising prospects to add up to your business growth and revenue.

Get your own Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters from Reservations Call Center perfect for SMEs today.

Our approach with Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters Outsourcing

We understand the challenges of staying on top of things despite the competition. That is why we are here to help you free yourself and your business of tedious tasks. One of the best example of that is appointment setting. With us, you can hire your personal VA appointment setters to keeps tabs on necessary meetings and appointments your sales team should be dealing with.

Also when you outsource VA appointment setters from us, we do not simply provide you with manpower. We provide you with high-caliber and well-trained VAs equipped with the latest software and tools to streamline the appointment setting processes.

Aside from our excellent VAs and pricing rates, we have the following value propositions:

Aside from our flexible service packages and pricing rates, we have the following value propositions:

  • we employ talented VAs knowledgeable in administrative tasks, business marketing, and excellent communicators
  • we use the latest technology and tools to streamline the appointment setting processes and overall performance
  • we have superior QA managers to ensure service deliverables are sustained in high quality

Let our excellent virtual assistant appointment setters do the work for you. Give yourself a breathing room and stay on top of things, less the hassle. Only possible when you outsource VA with us!

Our VA appointment setters are well-equipped and well-verse with the necessary skills your business can ever need for support. Free yourself of worry and let our excellent VAs handle appointment setting tasks you need

We continuously train or VA to make them even more proficient and effective in delivering your required services. We only provide the best talents that passed our standards and are capable of delivering quality services for your business. We equip our VA with impeccable skills and tools to ensure they only give the best services.

Our Current Benchmarks For B2B Appointment Setting Solutions

Access to the Best VAs

Our VAs for appointment setting can engage your customers and set meetings within reasonable time frame. We hire VAs that has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering this particular service. This is to ensure we maintain the quality of our talents

Appointment Scheduling and Management Tools

Our VAs are well-trained to use the latest tools and software to optimize their service deliverables. We ensure they are trained in the latest industry practices and techniques which they can extend to you and your business

Superior QA Review

Our QA managers oversee whether our VAs are at their best performance to deliver high-quality results for you. We keep them in line with our SLAs to make sure we are giving you the best services.

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What is Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters Outsourcing

You may think of this as staff leasing. Here you are hiring from an offshore provider like us a virtual assistant to do appointment setting services for you.

Other than selling and marketing skills, our VAs are superior communicators and are excellent at customer service. Also, they are well-trained and skilled in various administrative tasks which you can utilize to your advantage.

Our VAs can ensure effective engagement with your prospects at the start of the sales cycle. This way, your sales team can zoom in on meetings and appointments that are highly profitable for your business. Our VA can also offer the necessary support the overall sales process as he or she can help you in qualifying your leads.

Who are the best Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters

Virtual assistants has been known to offer excellent support to various business. For appointment setting services, our VAs can do the following:

  1. Cold calling
  2. Telemarketing
  3. Qualify lead generation
  4. Respond queries from buyers
  5. Identification and use of database
  6. Electronically access to schedules and calendars
  7. Educate customers on products or services and prices
  8. Secure real-time appointment, re-scheduling and cancellation
  9. Customize strategies based on your business’ products and services
  10. Deliver customized sales scripts based on business’ products and services
  11. Encourage and convince potential end users to purchase a product or service
  12. Enable simultaneous accessibility to calendars and schedules by multiple users
  13. File and categorize names, addresses, purchases, and remarks of your prospects contacted
  14. Secure customer information such as name, address, payment method, and record orders into database

What skills to look for when getting a VA Appointment Setter?

Here at RCC, we only hire the best VAs with the best education, necessary experience and excellent interpersonal skills. Good things to consider are the following when looking for your VA:

  • Highly motivated
  • Professional phone sales agents
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Smart, articulate and go getters
  • Friendly and pleasant phone voice
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Highly organized and extrovert agents
  • Attention to details
  • Strong customer rapport
  • Screen reader support enabled.

Hire a VA appointment setter to handle both your sales appointments and schedule reminder communications.

Our VA appointment setters can provide you with flawless service deliverables through optimal processes and usage of various tools to enhance the quality. Asdie from these, virtual assistants from RCC are in on the look out to further improve their capabilities to ensure quality is never compromised for your business.

1. Tell us the VA appointment Setter you need

For appointment setting, we provide VA who has flair in sales and marketing. At the same time with commendable interpersonal skills to ensure engagement with your prospects are always professional and pleasant

2. Tell us the services you require from our VAs

Other than appointment setting services, our VAs are able to handle multiple services at the same time. Depending on your requirements, we can provide you a VA that will suit all your needs.

3. We are your go-to service provider

Let's keep it simple, we have system in place to make sure we only provide the best VA for your business. We constantly update ourselves with the best practices to deliver only the best personnel you can ever ask for.


For over 10 years, we have built Reservations Call Center and Appointment Setting Services to be the right answer for B2B appointment setting, deliver excellent staff as the best insurance appointment setters and roster of elite telemarketing services agents for lead generation and appointment setting services for small and medium businesses globally.

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Good things come to those who think ahead. Drop us a message and let us help to make your business ahead of the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does Virtual Assistants for Appointment Setting Services Work?

    This is a smart approach to improve your business ability to acquire the necessary support. Here, you are hiring additional help to augment your business process, specifically your sales and marketing. VAs for appointment setting services can go after your prospects to entice them in meeting up your sales agents to convince them to avail your products or services. VA offers additional manpower to streamline tedious tasks such as sending email follow-up or cold calling your targeted customers.

    Why Hiring VA for Appointment Setting are Beneficial For SMEs

    VA does not only focus in managing your meeting and appointment calendars. Virual assistants are also exellent communicators that can converse with your customers and prospects whenever they reach you to ask information about your products or services. These conversations help your sales operation in the long run as your VA can provide the needed information. Thus represent your brand to your customers and prospects with best face forward.

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