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Differences Between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services You Should Know
July 12, 2023
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Why Appointment Setting Outsourcing Works Best Than DIY
July 17, 2023
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9 Amazing Cases of Successful Appointment Setting Services

Appointment Setting Services Outsourcing that provides exceptional value for these nine businesses

Appointment setting services are a sure fire way for any business to improve their bottom line. Specifically, appointment setting outsourcing can do so without breaking the bank for most businesses.

8 Successful Sales Appointment Setting Services You Should Be Aware

This is the list of businesses from various industries that reaped the benefits of successful appointment setting services campaigns. 

Case 1: Pioneer in high-resolution network camera business

The objective of this client is to launch aggressive outbound campaigns to their partners and sales representatives. 

They needed support that includes event registration, appointment scheduling and an awareness campaign to disseminate information to their partners. Information such as company changes and promotional products and improvements.

The client is in constant growth where they realized they do not have the time and resources to launch their outbound initiatives. 

After their partnership with a reputable appointment setting services provider, they reaped the following benefits:

1. Throughout the campaign, it generated 8 registrations for the event and 80 phone appointments

2. Achieved 100% of the goal to inform the client’s partners with new information and changes the client wants to inform them about

3. Generated 93 appointments and exceeded expectations by 400% 

Case 2: Client delivers best-in-class employee benefits and human resource consulting

Client wanted call center services for registration, seminar and appointment setting services support. 

As the client is a boutique agency, their resources were spread thin within their rapid growth. They chose to get the services of appointment setting outsourcing to help generate warm leads. 

After getting the services of a team of appointment setter, they gained the following:

1. Outsourced partner became an efficient brand advocates

2. Growth in leads in a small amount of time

3. Third party party was able to register over 40 attendees for the client’s first seminar program

4. The seminar itself helped the client’s list to grow exponentially

5. Client closed two new contracts from the seminar lead generation alone

Case 3: Software Provider that offers migration and disaster recovery tools for cloud computing environments

The client wanted to employ a knowledgeable call center with a highly capable appointment setter. Ultimately, the goal is to increase revenue through qualified sales appointment setting services. Cost reduction in the campaign is a goal as well.

After the initial partnership, client was able to achieve the following benefits:

1. The call center partner was able to set qualified appointments within the decision making process

2. Client’s sales representatives are in the loop with each appointment set as they are sent with Outlook invites for documentation purposes

3. Helped to streamline the sales processes and increase the overall revenue due to the campaign

Case 4: Largest alarm distributor in the country

The client had not used a call center before. They wanted a team who are familiar with the security business. A team that could help increase the attendance in their security expo and events.

The outsourcing provider has experience across various industries, including the security business. Due to this, the provider was able to communicate well with the client. 

The following benefits are achieved within the campaign period:

1. The call center was able to offer French and Spanish speaking agents to cater to bilingual customers

2. Agents aided the customers registering on the client’s website whenever they needed support

3. Call center provider was able to evaluate the client’s contact database and identify prospects within a 150-mile radius of one of their events

4. Efficient calling to potential attendees

5. Reporting included registrations, extraction of bad data, updates, permission for texting marketing, feedback on the level of interest on the client’s event

6. Helped the client improve their communication and refine their agenda for future events

Case 5: IT company specializing in software-defined platforms and mixed workloads on a single infrastructure

The client needed an event follow-up and telemarketing services. This is to help fill the gaps between the client’s marketing and sales activities.

Furthermore, they needed prompt follow-up with leads generated by their marketing programs. 

After getting the services of a call center specializing on appointment setting services, they got the following benefits:

1. The partner was able to wade through their leads and provide names of the most qualified to their in-house sales team

2. Help free the sales team to focus on other core business competencies

3. Successful bridging between sales and marketing activities

4. Pass the highest quality of prospects to the sales team

Case 6: Client is in the business that helps non-profits to grow revenue, reduce expenses and improve performance through best practices

The client has a previous call center partner but is unsatisfied with their performance and results they were receiving. 

They needed a call center that could verify all their appointments. As well as uncover leads for enterprise sales reps for $4 Million and greater annual revenue.

After changing their call center partner, they get the following benefits:

1. Client got the services of professional and reliable team of appointment setter in a controlled and supervised environment

2. Partner updated scripts and refreshed list to improve the lead generation process

3. Increased lead generation for their enterprise sales representatives

4. Improved attendance during the on-site seminars

Case 7: Market Leader in Network Video

This client offers intelligent security solutions and has branches across 50 countries around the world. 

While they had in-house support, they wanted to improve their even recruitment. As well as to clean up data in their contact database. 

They wanted to partner with a provider that has rich expertise and experience in the security technology industry. Zooming in on the ability to adapt and work with the client’s specific needs.

After outsourcing call center services for their needs, the reaped the following benefits:

1. They saw an increase in the attendance at their marketing events

2. Data cleansing initiative was given a jump start

3. Helped the business to initiate a global and internal discussion on how to maintain clean data

Case 8: Cleaning Service Provider in Virginia, USA

The client wants to grow their business through B2B appointment setting services. They do have their own in-house support team but realized that the cost per resource was high. They wanted to revive and expand their customer base. 

Challenges however is that the client does not have an integrated customer database and asked the provider to pull from yellow pages.

Results were the following after the initial campaign:

1. The team managed to sift out relevant data out of the vast list of prospective customers

2. Appointment sets were verified as qualified opportunities\

3. The outsourcing partner ensured to cultivate positive relationships with prospects who were not sales-ready

Case 9: Provider of Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Self-managed Super Funds to its partner clients

The client specializes in modern accounting practice. They wanted to connect with business owners and managing directors to improve their sales funnel.

After a partnership with a reputable call center that offers appointment setting services, they got the following benefits:

1. Validated and updated contact details through customer profiling

2. Filtered active contacts and identified the most appointment-ready key decision makers

3. Reached and spoke with prospects at their most convenient time

4. Call center was able to set 39 appointments

5. Managed to update and verify 747 contacts

6. Warm follow ups on 21 prospects

Reservations Call Center Provides Appointment Setting Services

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