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Expand your business through the most effective way possible. Appointment setting outsourcing can help you match up with businesses with the highest probability to be your clients. We only provide the best lead generation and appointment setting services, no matter what your requirements. Excellence and quality assured. All the time.

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Poor business match up halts your business growth.
It is time to focus your resources on the right clients with B2B Appointment Setting.

No matter what industry and market you are in, there is always the fierce competition to be among the best and sustain it. The only way to do so is to maintain a sustainable client lists filled with businesses and customers compatible with your product and service delivery.

Going after new clients while maintaining your current ones seem a daunting and expensive task. Let us free your business with such worry. Our elite telemarketing services, lead generation and appointment setting services can go after new clients at an affordable price.

But first, let us remind you that we don't go after them in blindfolds. We make sure to go after businesses and customers with the highest chances of them becoming your own clients. We never want to waste time. We make sure that whatever we do, we only yield your positive and desirable results.

Partner with the #1 Appointment Setting Outsourcing Provider for Businesses of Any Size in the Philippines for your required lead generation and appointment setting services. Your success is our success too. Let's work together today

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Still guessing what kind of appointment setting services fit your business within your allotted budget? You can simply ask us and we are glad to walk you through the best appointment setting outsourcing services we offer. Not only that, we offer pricing options to make sure we can work within your desired spending.

B2B Appointment Setting

We go after customers and businesses that is highly compatible with your business' products and services. In turn, we ensure your sales funnel is as stable as it gets. All at the same time we maintain the quality of your client lists.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

We only assign talents with in-depth knowledge of your business type and market industry. This is our pledge to ensure the quality and efficiency of their deliverables when they do this service for your business growth. Also we utilize the best CRM methods and software to make sure we only yield high quality results. Make sure you invest on manpower and technology with efficiency guaranteed, courtesy of us.

Pay for Performance Appointment Setting

This is a cost-effective solution if you have budget constraints who wants to utilize appointment setting for your business. This service will enable you to grow your business with much lower risk of inefficient match up with businesses or customers. No matter what your required services and budget, we can find a work around with quality still sustained.

Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Our services lets you enjoy the latest CRM practices and technology, appointment setting experts who caters to worldwide clients, KPI and benchmark setting that all contributes to your business' growth. We have industry-grade training to maintain the quality of our appointment setting services. Also we follow industry-standards such as ISO-27001, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Elite Telemarketing Services

Get the best telemarketing services you can ask for when you outsource with us. Our telemarketers has industry experience and knowledge to provide effective yet pleasant conversation with your targeted businesses and customers. We tailor telemarketing services to ensure we only fit what you require all with pricing option you want.

Best Insurance Appointment Setters

Cater to that untapped market suitable to your insurance products and services. Get the services of the best appointment setters who knows the ins and outs of your industry. Plus points? They can converse well and can provide your business information in a pleasant and suitable manner your clients will surely enjoy.

Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters

Who says you ought to have an appointment setter in the flesh? Enlist the best services of your very own virtual assistant appointment setter who makes sure everything is in order. Never miss any appointments and focus your resources in closing your desired business deal. We got you covered!

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B2B Appointment Setting

Ensure a stable sales funnel and closed deals with our services that only follows the best practices to converse with your clients. We can ensure a smooth conversation and a pleasant experience when we talk to your prospects.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

Our lead generation talents are disciplined and highly trained to make sure they only deliver the best prospects for your business. Our services is the perfect combination of human intellect and the latest technology for a seamless appointment setting services, just for you.

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Pay for Performance Appointment Setting

Just pay for something that has direct contribution to your business' revenue. We understand your needs and would like to deliver solutions for such. We can draw up packages on results-based that you want to get.

Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Wasted resources and your salespeople's effort to a prospect with the least chance to even avail your services or make a purchase? Let us help you minimize and ultimately eliminate such unfortunate with our appointment setting services. Make sure you only get the best appointments and increase your ROI in no time.

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Elite Telemarketing Services

Looking for effective and high quality yet affordable telemarketing services? Your search finally end with us as we are focused in delivering such results at the most budget-friendly way. Increase your business' products and services visibility and growth with us!

Insurance Appointment Setters

We can provide you qualified talents based on your needs. Staff that has in-depth knowledge on how insurance industry works. They are also equipped with proper skills to navigate the conversation and encourage your prospects into making business with you. Give that lasting impression that your business is here to solve problems, not just make a sale.

Virtual Assistant Appointment Setters

Our virtual assistants has various skills and learned a lot of discipline in order to provide you the best appointment setting services you may need. Hire one, when you need one. We are here to make sure they are equipped with necessary tools and skills for your business advantage. ASAP!


Here at Appointment Setting Services, we ensure to deliver appointments between compatible businesses. This is our way of matching up problem solvers such as your business to provide solutions to your market and clients.

Our appointment setting services cater to businesses of any size, especially startups and SMEs belonging to different industries. Such as retail, e-commerce, banking & finance, insurance, travel & tourism, food & beverage, hospitality, recreation & entertainment and healthcare.

Why you should explore our Appointment Setting Services:

Rigorous Training of Talents

Our staff undergo several ISO-certified training methods on quality management system and ISMS. We make sure they stay updated with the latest strategies and knowledge of your business and industry through our periodic trainings. We make sure our trainings entail for them to be effective conversationalists and remains professional yet empathetic under any circumstances.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

We assign your own quality assurance team to ensure our agreement, KPIs and benchmark is followed and achieved. SLA 100% adherence is our guarantee.

Affordable Appointment Setting Outsourcing Packages

You can get the services of elite telemarketing services agent without minding overhead costs, that's on us. Our appointment setting services are flexible and affordable but still remain high quality. We can draw up SLAs that follows your requirements and suit your investment budget. We negotiate in order for both of us to achieve a win-win situation, all the time.

Customized Appointment Setting Services Just For You

We have unique onboarding processes as we believe your business is as unique as it gets. Once you outsource with us, we dedicate reasonable resources and manpower to ensure a fast roll out of your campaign.

Round-the-clock Uptime Services

Our business operates round-the-clock to ensure continuous services. Our 24-hour, 7 days a week operation can schedule appointments and go after your prospects across the globe. Time is of the essence and we sure understand that very well.

Latest Software & Infrastructure

Our appointment setters use various software to further increase their efficiency and delivery of your desired results. We use various platforms such as HubSpot Sales Hub, Calendly, Doodle, Acuity Scheduling to name a few. We do not simply use software that we have, we use one that fits your business, your services, and your expected results based on our SLA.

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We provide investment-friendly pricing rates

We understand your need to maximize every penny when it comes to outsourcing. You can never go wrong with us as we are here to satisfy that with quality and efficiency guaranteed.

We have the ideal appointment setter to supervisor ratio

We don't believe in micromanagement but we understand to keep our staff in line with our shared goals. With that in mind, we assign operations manager and team leaders to make sure we never fall out on our deliverables.

We prioritize secure and ethical business approach to all our appointment setting services

Certified with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, Reservations Call Center takes pride in our safe and secure processes in serving our clients. We never lax when it comes to data protection and management. You are assured we will never compromise anything valuable for your business.

We speak with empathy and strive to make every conversation pleasant with high returns

Our pledge to remain steadfast in providing high quality appointment setting services to our various clients across the globe never change. Our decade in the business only proves our belief that quality deliverables is a key ingredient in our staying power. Give us a chance so you'll know what we can do for your business' growth.


Appointment setting services is an active approach to match up your business with potential business owners and customers to make them your client. This is a professional technique to ensure you are introducing your product or services your targeted customers. Then etting up an appointment to further hammer their interests in closing a deal with you.

Here at Reservations Call Center, we developed the right methodologies in approaching your targeted customers. Our smart ways of employing staff with high EQ, who are also knowledgeable in various industries and the use of the latest software set us up further ahead. These factors play a vital role to achieve high quality deliverables your business can take advantage of to increase your ROI. We are the secret your competitors don't know about.

How To Differentiate Reservations Call Center versus Generic Appointment Setting Providers

Here at RCC, we set up our appointment setting outsourcing services to remain professional and yet assertive. We never mistake crass with the go-getter attitude. We believe every conversation we make with your prospects is an opportunity to build your brand and earn their trust. Thus we strive to keep it pleasant and remain professional at all times. We won't let your business and brand reputation suffer from inappropriate behavior.

What Are The Perks Of Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services?

This is an active approach of gaining new clients and keep your sales funnel full to the brim. All the while you keep consistent connection with your clients and encourage them repeat purchases.

One of our utmost priority is to make sure you are serving the right customers and right market to keep your business stability. We also extend your business reputation and brand ethics to your customers and prospects in a professional manner.

How To Choose The Right B2B Appointment Setting Provider?

Let's be honest, there are tons of companies that offer this kind of services. Too many options sometimes may lead you to choose subpar or even the worst provider you can get. The trick here? Run thoroughly on how their agents handle different kinds of prospects and how they bounce back from tons of rejections. Also zoom in on their team composition if there is QA in place to ensure everyone delivers the expected results. Years of service and compliance to worldwide standards such as ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA are factors to determine you are dealing with a legitimate and effective provider.


Want to unlock business opportunities with your untapped market? Sales funnel full with incompatible customers and businesses? Wasted resources on appointments with low chance of closing a deal? Generic and outdated client list incompatible with your products and services? Our elite telemarketing services can ensure you never come across these problems again, one successful appointment at a time.

1. Let's discuss your goals and success rate you want to achieve

Every effective partnership starts through an in-depth getting to know each other. We want to know everything about your business, services and products to ensure we create solutions that fits perfectly to your needs. At the same time, we want to earn your trust that we can provide high quality deliverables exclusive to your business.

2. Let's set up tangible metrics such as KPIs and benchmarks

We have business developers and master strategists to help you set up realistic KPIs according to your needs. This is our way to ensure we understand your expectations and thus deliver only the same.

3. Best practices unlocked, let's work together for further profitable partnership

We want to grow with your business. Our goal is to be your long term partner to deliver this kind of services to you. As we do so, we pledge to remain efficient as they years go by. Consistent quality and proficiency is something you count us for.

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For over 10 years, we have built Reservations Call Center and Appointment Setting Services to be the right answer for B2B appointment setting, deliver excellent staff as the best insurance appointment setters and roster of elite telemarketing services agents for lead generation and appointment setting services for small and medium businesses globally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    what is outbound call

    An outbound call is any call that is outside of the business. It is usually made to either existing customer or prospective customers for the purpose of selling products and services to them.

    what is outbound call center

    Outbound call centers are firms that specialize in the set-up, implementation, measurement and turnaround of outbound calling services. These companies have both the technology, qualified pool of talents and resources to run a succesful outbound campaigns.

    what is inbound and outbound call center services

    Inbound call center services usually take in customer queries and process orders that come through for a business. Respectively, outbound services directly calls both customers and leads to sell and convert them to paying customers.

    what is outbound call center services

    Outbound call center services comprise of different functions such as Telemarketing Services, Lead Generation Services, Appointment Setting Services, Cold Calling Services, Outsource Telesales, Market Research Services, and Survey Processing Services. All of which are highly effective services to generate customer response and feedback in the form of conversion sales, follow-up, and brand consideration.

    how many outbound calls per day

    The volume of outbound calls would depend on the business objective. But as a rule of thumb, a striking balance of good customer call quality per agent ratio must first be established and applied to the SOP.

    which is better inbound or outbound call center

    The best approach is to have a full BPO call center service. Inbound call service manages and keeps customers happy. Whereas outbound call services generate new clients and markets the brand to untapped audiences.

    how to make outbound sales calls

    Outbound sales calls usually follows a script or a spiel that ensures the leads at least shares information for use of the business. But the main objective is convert leads into paying customers and supporters of your brand.

    what does outbound call center mean

    Outbound call center mean an agency or firm that does outbound call center services. They call leads and generate sales from those calls by talking them through the benefits and advantages of using a product or a service from a company.