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We are the #1 B2B Appointment Setting Provider for SMEs. We are here to help you get your coveted appointments through our efficient and professional appointment setters. Our CRM technology ensures that we can properly identify and connect with customers to your advantage.

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Why You Need B2B Appointment Setting?

Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting from Reservations Call Center can help your business in its journey for growth. As our B2B appointment setters are trained and highly skilled to go after your business' prospective clients. We also employ the use of smart market segmentation in order for us to maximize our effort in going after your prospects. We understand growth requires time and effort. But we would like to do this in the most optimal solutions.

Our B2B appointment setters are also trained with quality in mind. As we never go after your prospects in a crass and inefficient way. We don't simply talk to your prospects. We converse with them and we entice them through proper extension of your business information. Every appointment we deliver to you assures one thing: high quality all the time!

RCC is your partner when it comes to excellent B2B Appointment setting services today and beyond!

Why Us Is Your Best Choice When It Comes to B2B Appointment Setting

We are your only partner for your B2B Appointment Setting requirements. Only if you want quality and excellent services

Whatever the reason, Call Center Services' after hours answering service helps you deliver satisfaction, day or night.

We know that it is hard to go after new clients while maintaining current ones. We understand that very well that is why we never deliver subpar appointments. Your time and resources is precious, that is why we never want you to waste them on things that won't yield positive results for you. That is the reason why we are here. Reservations Call Center's B2B Appointment Setting Services ensure every appointment we provide is considered a done deal.

How's that possible? Our value propositions explains why:

  • we represent your business image and reputation, therefore our B2B appointment setters are persuasive yet professional when we converse with your prospects
  • we use innovative software and infrastructure to make sure we streamline our processes. The result? Faster turnaround time
  • we stay in our lane. What is that? Quality deliverables all the time. Our QA team ensures we are always in place to make sure we only give you the best services

Growth has never been this easy when you partner with Reservations Call Center for your B2B appointment setting requirements. No excuses, only quality.

Business to Business Appointment Setting

Our services cut short the tedious processes when setting up appointments for your business. Our tools and infrastructure enable us to do so through the help of our excellent staff. You can never go wrong with us, as we share one goal in mind: quality deliverables.

B2B Telemarketing

Keep your sales funnel full to the brim with warmed up leads. We assure your business of such results with our excellent telemarketers trained to converse with your prospects in a smart and efficient way. We can extend your service quality even through the telephone.

Appointment Setting Firm

Why bother looking for other companies when you already found Reservations Call Center. Our 10+ years in the service sure give us in-depth knowledge and industry experience to deliver only the best services for your business.

Appointment Making Companies

Reservations Call Center is the only service provider that take into account startups and small to medium enterprises when it comes to high quality appointment setting services. You are hungry for growth and we are here to satiate that

Maximize your time and resources! Every appointment we deliver is a done deal for your business. We only want you to grow and we concentrate our skills and resources just for you to achieve that.

We are here to get the best out of our partnership and keep at it as we grow together. Let our business strategists carefully develop the perfect service packages for you.

Our Current Benchmarks For B2B Appointment Setting Solutions

Top Quality Deliverables

Our staff undergoes thorough ISO-certified training method to ensure they are well-prepped when dealing with business owners and decision makers

Secure Information

Any information we deal with from your business, we keep them sound and secure. Our ISO-certification and HIPAA-compliance ensure our safety protocols are always up and running to safeguard your data.

Innovative Infrastructure

Our system in place in coordination with our staff and software ensure streamlined processes so we can deliver only the best performance

Best of the Best Virtual Employees

Our recruitment processes and training methods ensure we only deploy the best talents to fulfill your requirements. No matter how complex it may be.

Faster Turnaround Time

Every move we make all contribute to your business' ultimate goal, increase ROI. We only want to be known for high quality appointments, no less than that

Regular Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Our regular QA review ensures we keep our agreements to the best shape and keep it that way

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What is B2B Appointment Setting?

B2B Appointment Setting is a fast and efficient approach when setting up appointments across industries. B2B appointment setters deal with high-powered professionals therefore are well-trained on how to deliver a pleasant conversation all throughout.

What makes a good B2B appointment setting firm from the rest is synchronization of professionalism, customer service, and use of the latest technology and tools. This is to ensure every move and steps only has one goal to achieve and eventually deliver. High quality appoinments for your business.

How much do Appointment Setting Services Cost

"There is no standard rates for this particular service. When you deal with legitimate B2B appointment setting provider like RCC, we draw up service packages that only suit your needs. Therefore it is only exclusive to your business model and is not identical with any of our clients. As we believe each business is unique and requires unique solutions to your pain points.

However, a good jumpboard to look at when it comes to this service are the following:

  • Number of Staff or B2B Appoinment Setter you may requires
  • Level of expertise of your outsourced B2B appointment setter
  • Duration of the campaign
  • Software or tools you may need

Is B2B Appointment Setting Good For SMEs

It is a resounding yes! SMEs are building their business from the ground up and there's no other best way to do so but to connect efficiently with prospects. This service can help your growth at a steady pace. As you are assured you are making a smart investment in getting the best appointments you can close deal with.

How to choose the best partner among appointment making companies?

There are plenty of outsourcing companies worldwide that offers B2B appointment setting. While this is your discretion who to partner with, this may be intimidating for startups and SME owners. A good practice to know when you choose to outsource this service are the following:

  1. Know the industry experience, clients across industries they have served, years in the business
  2. Compliance with international standards for Information Security and Mangement Systems like ISO, HIPAA, and GDPR, and PCI DSS
  3. Technology and software to streamline the process and ensure efficiency
  4. Educational background and industry experience of staff in relation to this service
  5. Experience of QA teams and the standards of quality they follow

It is good to note that there are different processes among different outsourcing companies but these things are good factors to put into consideration when looking for a partner.

Why Outsource B2B Appointment Setting Services?

Outsourcing is proven effective to optimize processes for businesses worldwide. Especially for SMEs, it is not just smart to set up appointment setting department that will solely do this. You have to consider the overhead costs you ought to spend. Money you could've invest directly on your business to improve your products and services. Outsourcing this will help you get the best talents to deliver worthy appointments. Then your in-house sales people and eventually your business can spend necessary time and resources in order to make a successful deal.

Connect with decision makers and close deals, one at a time

Having a hard time going after your prospects? Inefficient and outdated processes? Lack of manpower to do these tasks? Let our B2B appointment setting services alleviate your business of such unfortunate matters. It is just a matter of time.

1. Tell us your metrics of success

We want to know what you deem successful so we can create solutions to achieve only that. We realign our resources and talents as well as our skills in order to help you achieve your peak success

2. Tell us the ideal B2B appointment setters you have in mind

Our B2B appointment setters are professionals and are highly trained. We only employ and hire go-getters that we share the same goal with, successful apppointment deliveries. All the time.

3. Tell us what more we can do for you

we offer partnership and that is a fact. We believe the best are yet to come when we aim to grow together.


For over 10 years, we have built Reservations Call Center and Appointment Setting Services to be the right answer for B2B appointment setting, deliver excellent staff as the best insurance appointment setters and roster of elite telemarketing services agents for lead generation and appointment setting services for small and medium businesses globally.

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Good things come to those who think ahead. Drop us a message and let us help to make your business ahead of the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is B2B Appointment Setting

    This is an efficient process to streamline how you set appointments for your business. This is efficient as it involves the use of management tools and software, infrastructure, and manpower with excellent communication skills to converse with prospects. These factors all play vital roles to optimize the whole processes.

    How effective is B2B Appointment Setting?

    Appointment setting firm like RCC ensures you only get the best appointment processes for your business. This also improve your overall business performance as you have one less thing to worry about that can contribute to your revenue and profit in the long run.

    Who needs B2B appointment setting services?

    Practically every business who has a clear goal for growth and increased ROI. This service ensure you have the right tools and manpower in processing appointments for your business. Your outsourced staff ensures you are on top of every schedule and appointments. This in turn make sure your in-house employees are well-prepped and on their best shape when you deal with such matters.

    Who needs a 24/7 local answering service?

    Businesses that need support in answering an influx of calls during and after office hours can benefit from getting a 24/7 call center.

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