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May 10, 2023
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5 Lead From Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

A blog banner by Reservations Call Center titled 5 Lead From Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services


5 Types of Leads You Can Get From Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services For SMEs


Lead generation and appointment setting services can deliver different kinds of leads. To ensure you only get the best leads for your business, you must be aware what kind of leads you can get from service providers. 

B2B lead generation companies provide your business with an appointment setter. They can help to streamline your sales development activity. This is where a specialized lead generation and appointment setter do follow ups on behalf of your sales team. This is to entice them into buying your products or services. 

This is possible through cold calling, telesales, and outbound appointment setting services. Using lead generation and appointment setting services is helpful if you want to deal with higher sale prices. These are those types of deals that take longer to nurture and close. 

For outbound appointment setting services, there are key real world examples that differentiates lead and prospect.  What are these?

Lead Prospect
Someone who filled out a marketing form.  Someone you gave a web-demo
A company that fits your Ideal Customer Profile. A person who fits your target market who talked with you at a trade show.
Someone you messaged on LinkedIn.  A lead you called and spoke with. 
The nice people on your cold calling list. A contact on social media who responded to your LinkedIn message or email. 

Leads and prospects are often used interchangeably in these types of services. But the good thing is, B2B lead generation companies help in nurturing these two. 


5 Types of Leads You Can Get From B2B Lead Generation Companies


1. New Lead

This refers to possible customers with little bit of background information in your business’ database. This type of leads may have visited your business website, put in their email address, or someone who stopped at your trade show and left a contact information, or someone who signed up to your email list. 

For your lead generation and appointment setting services, this needs extensive data and information gathering to make sure they are compatible with your business. Highly likely to buy your products or avail your services. 

Your appointment setting leads specialists to do this for you and provide your database missing information. This is possible through calling them or sending electronic communications such as email. 

They can also eliminate them if they do not meet your standards for further nurturing. This way, you can focus on customers who are most likely to convert into successful sales.


2. Working Lead

This is a potential customer with whom your business has an active conversation. By active conversation, we mean someone who signed up for your email subscription, follows your business on social media. Someone you made a phone call with or having an ongoing conversation.

Your outbound appointment setting services help nurture this working lead by making sure conversation stays alive. This is possible through sending relevant emails, making follow ups on previous conversation, providing new or additional information with something they expressed interest with. 


3. Nurturing Lead

This is a prospective customer who shows interest in future needs of the product or services you are offering. While they are not keen on making any purchase at the moment, this relationship still offers the possibility of sales conversion. 

B2B lead generation companies can nurture this lead by making sure they stay informed of the necessary information in the form of an email, newsletters, product or services improvement reveal. This way their interest remains alive and they become well prepared and informed when it is time for them to buy. 


4. Unqualified Lead

These are people who simply have no interest in what your business sells. If you purchase unverified contact lists for your outbound appointment setting services to contact with, you may find lots of these unqualified leads. 

Your outsourced lead generation team can eliminate these unqualified leads to make sure your contact lists are only full with working leads. This way, you don’t have to scour on tons of useless contacts. Depending on your requirements, you may ask your outsourced team to call and confirm if these are indeed unqualified leads. 


5.  Qualified Lead

This is the most coveted lead any business would love to have. This is a person that shows full attention in your product or services. Someone who wants to make a purchase. This is often referred to as sales leads. 

An outbound appointment setting service can help you schedule appointments with these types of lead. This in turn helps your sales team to further drive down a sale or upsell. 


When Should You Consider the Services of B2B Lead Generation Companies


Businesses remain competitive with a healthy flow of leads into the sales funnel. If you are constantly challenged to keep your revenue at a stable rate, maybe it is time for you to outsource lead generation and appointment setting services. 

Take a closer look at the following red flags that tells you to outsource these services:


1. Messy and Inaccurate Customer Data

Often, businesses that buy unverified contact lists suffer from this problem. Searching and looking for qualified or at least working leads from this is like looking for a needle from a haystack. 

While this is not entirely bad for your business, you can get the help of your lead generation and appointment setting services to help you clean up these contact lists. At the same time, they can connect with these leads and gather information to update your customer data. 

Strategic maintenance is also possible for these outsourced services. As B2B lead generation companies use CRM software to ensure each customer information is up to date with the right information. 

Inevitably, customer information get messy overtime due to data decay that is why periodic maintenance is a must. 

For outbound appointment setting services, inaccuracies can result in mistakes and eventually cost your business revenue.

Your lead generation and appointment setting services can help you identify who you’re reaching to, why you’re doing it, and what services or products you can offer them. Without this information, you are basically wasting your time. 


2. Spending too much time to create a system for Nurturing leads

Often, to determine what stage a particular lead is on and identify quality leads is the key to close a successful deal. Your in-house sales team should process high quality leads. While your B2B lead generation company handles the leads that need further nurturing. 

Your outsourced appointment setting ensures the system in place nudges customers to proceed with the next cycle of the sale process. This way, they are ready to be turned over to your sales team. 

This is the part lead generation and appointment setting services that can work for your advantage. As getting these services helps your sales team to only proces ready to buy customers, while prepping other leads into sale conversions. 


3. Failure to Achieve Business Revenue Goals

The goal is to drive and maintain a healthy revenue. B2B lead generation companies has the expertise, excellent staff, and proper equipment and infrastructure to ensure your source of revenue – your customers, are constantly flowing. 

They can help your business to boost revenue, save up to 70% in searching for leads and qualifying them. They can also help you to increase brand recognition by extending information to your leads at each stage of the sales cycle. 


4. Swamped Marketing and Sales Team

Marketing teams can get busy nurturing leads and other techniques for lead generation like advertisements and create brand promotion gimmicks. While the sales team are busy closing sales and dealing with existing clients. 

These facts rob them of the ability to generate leads or set appointments with potential clients. This task is not indispensable as it helps to reel in sales and eventually drive in revenue. 

Outsourcing this can help your business to get the necessary support to make sure your business calendar is full as much as possible. 


5. You Need to Save Time and Business Assets

Lead generation and appointment setting services frees you from the tedious processes of recruitment to search, interview, hire, and train in-house staff to get a higher number of appointments set.

Outsourcing helps you save up to 70% on overhead costs by simply getting the services of B2B appointment setting companies. 

You no longer have to allocate resources such as salary, benefits payment, office equipment, software, and training costs just to get these services. Imagine the savings you can get if you will simply outsource this. 

Aside from these, you can get the best talents to handle your appointment setting requirements. As you can get professionals who are excellent communicators, proficient in the English language, and have tons of experience in dealing with key decision makers. 


Reservations Call Center Provides Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services


We focus our expertise for SMEs that want to try their hand on this particular service. We take our time to customize best in class solutions perfect for SMEs and businesses of any size. Our 10 years provides us with the necessary industry experience to ensure we can only provide the best service delivery for you.

We are also ISO-27001-certified, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant. We never wanted to be lumped in with suspicious service providers out there. 

We respect your data and information security by ensuring our processes follow only the global standard when it comes to ISMS. 

Contact us today and let us provide the best services you can think of.