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May 1, 2023
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6 Case Studies of Successful Booking Services System

A blog banner by Reservations Call Center titled 6 Case Studies of Successful Booking Services System

These are the successful stories of businesses that implements booking services to enhance service delivery for their customers

Booking services especially for appointment scheduling app for small business is helpful to streamline how you deliver services to customers. Outsourcing companies like RCC can help you set a system that works for you. 

Appointment Keeper System Useful For Businesses

These are real life examples of 24 hour booking for businesses across various industries.

1. Logistics Company

Booking services for vehicle management systems and mobile applications. This is to manage over 2000 vehicles on a daily basis. This appointment scheduling app for small businesses is able to manage current inventory of vehicles. 

Key Features:

  • Barcode generation – this allows the business to generate a barcode which is then put into the vehicle and relevant documents. This allows user to identify and check the current status of the vehicle
  • Vehicle lookup integration – this pull all vehicle details by simply typing the vehicle registration number

2. Healthcare Facility

This 24 hour booking service makes it easier for the police, universities and local authorities to book their annual vaccination online. This overall improves the efficacy of their services and encourages more people to take their flu jabs. 

Key Features:

  • Automated Appointment Keeper – this is used to accurately determine the number of nurses they require and the number of patients they have

3. Recreation Network

This provides booking services for a paintball network to let customers pre-book their sessions online. This 24 hour booking system enable them to choose the site, date and time that they wish to book. They can also choose packages and extras and complete the booking via online payment. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple Packages – unlimited packages are available for customers to add during their booking. Easier add on of extras like extra paints and meals are also included.
  • Group Pay – this enables the customer to invite their friends to add on. Which helps to make their own mini booking and choose packages and extras and then pay online.
  • Payment Sense Integration – this 24 hour booking is integrated with the Payment Sense processor.

4. Sub Contractor

This appointment scheduling app for small business that enable online delivery system for subcontractors to book their delivery time across multiple gates. 

Key Features:

  • Access from anywhere – this allows subcontractors to make bookings from any location. Booking is possible via mobile and tablet devices
  • Subcontractor Bookings – quick and easy form to book a delivery slot. Then the site manager has to approve or disapprove the booking. Then the subcontractor will receive an email about it.
  • New Contractors – site manager can add new subcontractors to the system
  • Clear Up Notice App – this allows staff to send a clear up notice to a subcontractor

5. Magazine Company

This appointment keeper is an intranet booking system that allows 50 departments to book in photo shoots across 3 photo studios up to 18 months in advance.

Key Features:

  • Book on certain days – high demand of the photo studio only allows certain days for booking. Admin panel has it on display on the public calendar for staff awareness. 
  • Specialized booking form – the photo studio requires specific details for each photo shoot. This enables accurate presentation on the booking form with elements and validations. 
  • Multi-day Booking – this function enables to select up to 4 extras days to built within the system
  • Assign Staff – this allows the user to assign a staff member to the photo shoot
  • Export to CSV – this breaks down all the bookings by department and date, which are then exported to CSV format

6. Casino

24 hour booking that incorporates a casino, bars, a restaurant and varied events such as cabaret, live music, and live sport screenings.

This is an appointment keeper that offers a complete solution for event management, theatre and restaurant bookings

Key Features:

  • Event and room management – this allows events to be booked and assigned to various areas around the building
  • Theatre bookings – customers can book tickets online for many types of theatre shows. They can also add a meal booking and make payments
  • Restaurant Bookings – visitors can book a meal through the online reservation system
  • Barclay Smart Pay – all payments go through via Smart Pay which provides a seamless process for the customer
  • Barcode System – various offers are sent to the customer via email and contains a barcode. Then customers can present the barcode which is scanned and logged in the management system.

Reservations Call Center Provides Booking Services for SMEs

We can create a 24 hour booking system for your business that suits your service delivery. Not to mention we can assign live agents to ensure your customers can reach you whenever they need assistance. 

Reservations Call Center is ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant. This is our pledge to ensure we can protect your data and information. 

Contact us today and let our services alleviate the stress to let customers get your service. 

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