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Pay for Performance Appointment Setting or Hourly-based?
July 28, 2023
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6 Simple Steps To Improve Your Recreation Reservation Booking Services

A blog banner by Reservations Call Center titled 6 Simple Steps To Improve Your Recreation Reservation Booking Services

Price and convenience are the two emerging factors when it comes to recreation reservation booking services. This is the reason why businesses are torn between online and offline booking methods.

Of course, refusing to stick to offline bookings may spell doom for your business. But when it comes to communication, innovation can help improve corporate processes, such as online booking for recreation activities.

6 Steps to Improve Your Booking Efforts

In support of your offline booking, the opportunity to book online presents numerous advantages. Not only for your business but especially for your customers as well. 

Tourism-related activities such as recreation services can improve their online booking efforts in support to offline, here’s how:

1. Optimization of booking portal for mobile devices

A lot of customers prefer mobile instead of desktop or laptop whenever they need to do research or to simply book for recreation services. As the internet never goes off, they also expect reservation requests 24/7 from your facility. 

That is why you should capitalize on that shift and make sure your booking site is optimized for mobile devices. This is possible by improving the user-experience and making it mobile responsive that is good to the eye as it also influences their booking decisions. 

2. Search engines are your friend

In connection to #1 above, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the primary way of getting the right information for most travelers. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is possible for your business’ website to gain traction among internet users.

This will in turn result in plenty of site visits or traffic that will make your mark in the search engine results. This is whenever related-queries are pinging back to you. 

3. 24/7 customer support is a must

Despite the self-service nature of online booking, good customer service is still a crucial part of it. As it can help bring in new customers and especially for customer retention. 

In addition to your online booking, you have to make sure that you have a BPO contact center in place that customers can reach 24/7/365. You can also get live chat and email support on top of the usual call center services. 

In addition to that, you should get call forwarding, email alerts and of course a live chat system that is strategically placed to ensure help is available for your customers, all the time.

4. Provide online payment option

Convenience of booking and reservation management tools is the reason why customers go online when it comes to travel-related activities. In order to maximize your booking platform, you have to give them the option to pay online.

Of course, you need to set up a secure online payment system that eliminates the hassle of bank transfer. 

5. Work with other travel directories

Networking strategy is effective especially online. Working with channels that cater to travelers will help your business to potentially reach more customers. 

Also this gives an impression of bigger reach than the usual marketing strategy or channel that you are using. 

6. Maximize your social media presence

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for example, give your company a wide reach and a significant impact on client behavior. Because it has systems that can be watched by thousands, if not millions, of people all over the world.

It also has the ability to alter client sentiment in your favor. You can do this by publishing business issues or anything else relating to your industry, whether directly or indirectly. This broadens the scope of your engagement.

Benefits of Recreation Reservation Booking Services for SMEs

SMEs in the recreation services can also utilize booking services. As it provides the following benefits:


The ability to browse your services at the customer’s own time without direct sales pressure is an appealing factor present in online booking. Plus having payment options available at their disposal is even more attractive.

Always available

As online booking is available round-the-clock, there is no limitation when they could reserve booking to avail your service. You don’t even have to set a monitoring staff while this is all happening, as the scheduling application will take care of reservations as they come. 

Cost efficient

A website with reservation software integrated is much cheaper than ever. It is also significantly lower compared to a traditional physical location. In addition to that, you can deploy it quickly so you can start accepting reservations right away.

Increase in profits

With your online presence and its availability 24/7, you will see an increase in your bookings compared to before. This means more revenue and more profit due to low-cost but effective investment on booking services.

Reservations Call Center Provides Assistance For Reservation Requests 24/7

As a BPO company in the Philippines that provides excellent services for SMEs, we can provide the necessary support for your online booking services

We can set up the perfect system for you and even include call center support to make sure your customers will reach a live agent whenever they need.

Reservations Call Center is an ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant provider. We ensure we follow the best safety protocols to protect your data and information.

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