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May 21, 2023
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5 Red Flags To Spot Scam Amongst Elite Telemarketing Services

A blog banner by Reservations Call Center titled 5 Red Flags To Spot Scam Amongst Elite Telemarketing Services

Learn how to spot these 5 red flags to distinguish between legitimate elite telemarketing service providers and scam companies.

Sometimes it is often difficult to pick the right outsourcing partner for your elite telemarketing services. Let alone choosing a legitimate BPO company that can drive the results you wanted. 

It is a fact that there are a lot of B2B telemarketing providers in a top outsourcing destination such as the Philippines. Aside from their varying degrees of advantages and weaknesses, another thing to keep in mind is choosing a telemarketing fraud.

From a business owner’s point of view, aside from asset loss you can also risk the reputation of your company to your customers when you partner with such a provider.

How to Identify Telemarketing Fraud from Legitimate Ones 

Illegitimate businesses looking to take advantage of outsourcing will always be present. That is why it is always up to you to determine which will drive results and which will exploit you.

For starters, when you are starting to shortlist your professional telemarketing executives provider, you can look at the following to identify whether they are for real or not.

1. Calls Frequency

You can ask your outsourcing providers how they manage calls frequency. You must understand that non-stop calling to customers and prospects may put your company as spam risk or scam likely. 

This will turn off potential buyers and means doom to your business. If your potential partners do not care about efficient calling for telemarketing services, consider it as a red flag.

2. Heavy Dialing Per Number

Too many calls from a single number is also not a good idea. As in relation to #1, it could result in spam risk. While it is possible to increase your outbound phone numbers of DIDs, it is still a bad sign to do so. 

As per good practice, each phone number should aim to make 250 calls each day at best. The opposite of that may put you at risk in the long run and you should consider a warning sign.

3. Bad and Overused Call Lists

Elite telemarketing services for SMEs have been sophisticated in the past years thanks to AI and innovative technologies in the industry. Among them is that you can leverage AI-driven software to identify which prospects are likely a match for your product or services.

This means pruning call lists and scrubbing customers with the lowest probability to be a buying customer for you. If your outsourcing provider does not see anything wrong with using a bought and outdated call list, they are not worth your time.

Because they will only waste the agent’s time in going after people who do not possess an interest in your business. This means wasted resources in the end.

4. Bad Script

A lot of customers find receiving calls even from professional telemarketing executives as annoying. Something that contributes to that is rigid scripting that almost sounds robotic. Keep in mind that when it comes to this sales effort, agents will be talking to real people with the power to make a decision whether to take your services or not.

5. Questionable Portfolio 

Doing your homework before choosing an outsourcing BPO partner is a must. It will be beneficial to you if you will ask for their experiences in providing telemarketing services. This way, you can also verify their reputation in the industry. 

How to Mitigate the Risk of Outsourcing B2B Telemarketing

There is always the presence of risk in outsourcing but you can ensure a smooth process when you keep in mind the following:

1. Clearly define your goals and objectives why you are outsourcing this particular service

2. Develop a robust selection process of choosing the right partner for you

3. Be effective your due diligence and take your time to do proper research

4. Strive to create a transparent and open communication with your third party provider

5. Never base your decision in choosing the right partner on the pricing alone

6. Create an authentic partnership with focus on growth for both partners in the long run

Reservations Call Center Provides Elite Telemarketing Services For SMEs

We focus our energy and effort to develop effective practices when it comes to telemarketing. This is because we believe our agents, tools, and infrastructure are able to suit your requirements, whatever they are.

Reservations Call Center has been in the industry for 10 years and we have served a lot of businesses, from startups, SMEs to industry players. We always strive to hone our craft in delivering the results our clients want.

We are an ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant third party provider that prioritizes the safety of your data and information.

Contact us today and let’s start a sustainable partnership!

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