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Outsourced Reservations Support For The Hospitality Industry

Reservations Call Center has got everything that you need when it comes to outsourcing. 

It is with pride that the company offers the whole package so that you would not have to worry about every little detail that comes with setting up a virtual office to handle reservations and bookings for your business. That can take up pretty much a huge portion of your time and Reservations Call Center, one of the leading contact centers for this back-office support, is here to help you save time so you can do more of the important work that comes with having your own business. 

So what is it that you need when it comes to outsourcing? The company would be more than glad to discuss the whole process with you so that you can be sure that everything that you need is right here and that you would be able to handle your expectations. 

  • The company takes care of finding the right people for the right job.
  • We have a huge talent pool that we can tap whenever we need to and you would not have to worry about that. Hiring can be a difficult process and can take a huge amount of time. However, we have what you need and so we can start as soon as we smooth out all the rough edges. 
  • We are available 24/7. Which means your business is available all the time.

When it comes to developing the whole system with the new team in place, Reservations Call Center would also be there for you and your business so that everything will flow smoothly and work could start as soon as possible. We do understand that each second that the team is not up, your business is losing the opportunity to take care of current customers and losing the opportunity to get new ones. That is why we make sure that everything is okay on our end and all we just need to do is develop that plan to make everything work smoothly for your business. 

Giving each member of your virtual team the basic call center training is not something that you would have to deal with anymore as we have taken the liberty of doing that. That way, when you need Reservations Call Center to come in and help you out, the team would be ready. All they need to be trained on would be your specifications regarding just what it is that you would like them to do and also make them be familiar with your business policies. There is no need for you to wait for them to finish call center training as that would take up too much of your precious time. 

What we have to offer you are the best of what we are able to give. Of course, Reservations Call Center makes sure that it is on top of the game and always at the tip of its toes. Any updates and we are on it. We do our best to stay competitive and be a standard when it comes to business process outsourcing. This is one company that is considered to be the best answering service Manila has to offer - or maybe even one of the top answering service Philippines has got. So if you are looking for call center services Philippines, there is no need to look any further as the company has got just what you need.

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Spa and Wellness

The ultimate in pampering and individual service begins - and ends - with a phone call. Reservations Call Center efficiently manages calls from customers who wish to experience peace and bliss in a day spa, salon or wellness center. Offer your customers a foretaste of an indulgent relaxation and getaway with smart telephone representatives, 24/7 hotline center and an excellent customer service.


Hotel Bookings

The Hotel Deal of the Day is Extraordinary Customer Service Anytime of the day, Every day. Reservations Call Center makes it fast and easy for your customers to book a hotel room. A world of special treatment is just a phone call away, thanks to our professional 24/7 bookings service. Give your customers 1,001 reasons why they want to book with your establishment today and watch yourself becoming a household name.


Rental Car and Car Hire Services

Don't let your customers simply book - get them hooked with your fantastic rent-a-car reservations service. Easy booking for your selection of cars, agencies and their locations. Let your care hire service make it more convenient to confirm and modify reservations. Reservations Call Center is definitely the company your business can trust in and rely on.


Travel Bookings

Where do customers want to go this year? Bahamas? Sydney? Paris? An efficient reservations service is a wonderful treat for everyone who's looking forward to a happy trip. Reservations Call Center makes it trouble-free for your customers to make booking requests, from airline tickets to choice rooms, and more.


Resort Accommodations.

Is it not providing your patrons with a reliable reservations service a glimpse of a life of luxury in your resort? Reservations Call Center helps your business take care of accommodations, making their booking request already a treat to your luxurious suite of service 24/7/365. Start making your customers feel special the moment they call.


Restaurant Reservations

Curious foodies are eyeing your restaurant this weekend, but can you create a positive impression? Our professional 24/7 customer service call center agents can help customers reserve tables and confirm their visit right away. All they have to do is to saunter in and enjoy your specialties. That makes Reservations Call Center the right call center for ringing your cash register.