24/7 Reservations and Bookings Call Center Services

Have highly-trained reservations phone agents answer customer calls and provide personalized service to your customers.

Finding the right call center to help you out with your business’ reservations and bookings can be quite difficult. For many owners, it is all about making sure that you find the right company to invest in. Choosing the wrong one could bring about tons of consequences for your business and that is not a good thing. It is all about choosing the right booking call center that will not only handle your customers’ calls but would also be able to push your business a notch higher up the ladder.

What makes Reservations Call Center different from the rest of the pack out there is that it makes sure that it offers the best services out there. It hires the best outsourced contact center agents to help you and your business with your tasks. It makes sure that the people who would work with you are professionals and know the importance of the job that they are doing. Aside from that, as a reservations contact center, the company does its share by making sure that it keeps itself updated with the newest trends and technology to help provide even better service each and every time.

We provide support, customer service, and reservations and bookings.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer call center services. However, they do not have most of the services that businesses like yours need. It is a one-stop shop for all of the inbound services that would help your business reach its goals. Many businesses have trusted Reservations Call Center for outsourcing any tasks that are needed. The list of companies have included those in the industries of customer service as well as those who are competitors in the hospitality industry and that list includes those who are competitors in hotels, motels, spas, and inns among many others.

Many business owners have been thinking about how they can get more reservations and bookings coming in without having to spend too much of their resources. With outsourcing, they have been able to achieve such and have been able to record higher sales and higher profits.

  • Multilingual support is available – choose from English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa and more
  • Overflow and after-hours call handling services
  • Call monitoring technology
  • Comprehensive tracking reports to monitor every call
  • Private reservations voice service

Our solutions are easy to set up.

One of the top reasons why a lot of owners decide not to pursue outsourcing to any 24/7 bookings call center is that it may take a while for the whole system to be set up. They would be wasting precious time in making everything ready. However, with Reservations Call Center, you can be sure that your 24/7 reservations hotline would be running in no time flat. See, the company has already created a process that would enable them to set everything up in record time so you can take advantage of the benefits that investing in this call center can bring.

We offer shared and dedicated services.

We totally understand just how difficult it is to work within your budget. That is why we make sure that we have solutions available for various types of companies. It does not matter if your business is big or a small one. We have services available for you that should fit right into your budget. It should also not be a big deal if you wish to have 24/7 restaurant reservations support or just have the usual support during business hours. Our company has the proper services for that. This is the very reason why you can choose from shared services and dedicated services.

Shared services would allow you to have the support that your business needs. The agents handling your account would be a group of phone service representatives who would not only be attending to your business but would also be handling other businesses as well. This is pretty much not an issue for any company needing inbound customer service that deals with general information.

However, if your business needs customer service that handles sensitive information, then you may want to choose to go with dedicated services - services that are handled by a team of agents who would only be working with your company and doing that exclusively.


Here at Reservations Call Center, we take pride in the services that we have to offer business owners like you. We do not care if you have a small business or a booming one. What is important to us is that we are able to assist you and be your partner in making that business do even better with our help. We are different from any other call center in the Philippines as we make sure that we do not only provide customer service but we also make sure that we always include you in everything that we do. There may be plenty of companies out there that offer customer call center service but we are only one of the few who also provide reservations handling.

To make things a whole lot better for the business that we are assisting and working with, Reservations Call Center makes sure that we use three very important factors in place when providing our services:

  • The right agents - Some people believe that any person can be an agent. But we think otherwise. We believe that there are people who are going to make great agents while there are those who may belong in some other industry. For us, it is about finding these trainable individuals and training them into becoming the best agents to help you out.
  • The right technology - No matter how good your agents are, if you do not employ the right technology, you may end up being a mediocre call center still. It does not matter if you have landed a service cruises, shuttle reservations, travel bookings, or hotel accommodations account. If your agents are still using old school junk, you can be sure that these clients would be choosing to go with other companies that help agents be better with the right technology.
  • The right knowledge - Have you ever been tasked to provide customer service for a company that offers airport parking and shuttle services? If you have and you do not know anything about that industry, your experience with customer service just may be null and void. This is why we make sure that we have trainings to help our agents understand the makings of the industry that they would be working on.

We make sure that we offer every business the best services when it comes to handling reservations and bookings. Mishandling such tasks can lead to a huge array of chaos and that is not what you would like your business to be in. Our agents are the best in the industry and we make sure that they understand how important their job is. That is why we make sure that we choose individuals who are detail-oriented so that they would be able to properly do their tasks.

Aside from reservations and bookings, we also do provide customer service as well as customer support for various businesses that are under the hospitality industry. The list includes hotels, spas, resorts, motels, and inns among many others. We also do provide 24/7 live customer service for restaurants. By providing such type of service, business owners could be assured that even while they are sleeping, their business continues to operate and reservations and support are still provided.

Choose from the various packages and solutions that Reservations Call Center has available for you and for your business. We make sure that we would be able to provide solutions not only for just big businesses but also for small businesses as well. You can be sure that no matter what type of solution you choose for your business, we would be providing you with the best agents that provide top-notch service each and every time. Quality is something that we push as a culture in our company and that is something that we would like our agents to practice with each transaction that they go through.

Start having 24/7 agents handle your customer service.



The ultimate in pampering and individual service begins - and ends - with a phone call. Reservations Call Center efficiently manages calls from customers who wish to experience peace and bliss in a day spa, salon or wellness center. Offer your customers a foretaste of an indulgent relaxation and getaway with smart telephone representatives, 24/7 hotline center and an excellent customer service.



Don't let your customers simply book - get them hooked with your fantastic rent-a-car reservations service. Easy booking for your selection of cars, agencies and their locations. Let your care hire service make it more convenient to confirm and modify reservations. Reservations Call Center is definitely the company your business can trust in and rely on.



Is it not providing your patrons with a reliable reservations service a glimpse of a life of luxury in your resort? Reservations Call Center helps your business take care of accommodations, making their booking request already a treat to your luxurious suite of service 24/7/365. Start making your customers feel special the moment they call.



The Hotel Deal of the Day is Extraordinary Customer Service Anytime of the day, Every day. Reservations Call Center makes it fast and easy for your customers to book a hotel room. A world of special treatment is just a phone call away, thanks to our professional 24/7 bookings service. Give your customers 1,001 reasons why they want to book with your establishment today and watch yourself becoming a household name.



Where do customers want to go this year? Bahamas? Sydney? Paris? An efficient reservations service is a wonderful treat for everyone who's looking forward to a happy trip. Reservations Call Center makes it trouble-free for your customers to make booking requests, from airline tickets to choice rooms, and more.



Curious foodies are eyeing your restaurant this weekend, but can you create a positive impression? Our professional 24/7 customer service call center agents can help customers reserve tables and confirm their visit right away. All they have to do is to saunter in and enjoy your specialties. That makes Reservations Call Center the right call center for ringing your cash registerall.

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